Human Instruction Manual

YES – Never Fails! • "JUICE FACTORY" – the high energy hype that humans go along to get along but provides no long lasting results, so we have to come back for more to get "JUICED" up with energy again.

The 5 Laws: The Answers You Seek Are Here !

Human society suffers from "COMPOUNDED IGNORANCE"•. The shift required to undo and recreate your life's realty is now in your own hands. Get on to "IT", read “IT” now!

The Creation Process: Learn Your Birth Right, Become A Creator Again!

Unlike the previous books this one contains a part of a story that illustrates “The Carry Principle” indirectly and directly. The story is fictionalized non-fiction.

The Carry Principle: Vol. 1 - Survival "A Twin Flame?

‘Gratitude for living through it all fuels his passion to help and train as many people as he can. Due to Don’s natural resilience he has pioneered assisting above average people to become extraordinary human beings, by taking them from “Zero” to “Hero”.’